Public Meeting #2 Scheduled

You are invited to the second Public Meeting regarding implementation of compatibility recommendations around Youngstown Air Reserve Station (YARS) as part of the Military Installation Sustainability project.

Please join us to:

  • Learn about the activities to implement military compatibility

  • Discover how implementation can affect you and your community

  • Share your thoughts on the implementation actions

Your input matters!

We look forward to seeing you and hearing about what matters to you.

Date: August 22, 2022
Time: 6:00 PM
Location: Baker Elementary School, 4095 Sheridan Drive, Vienna, OH 44473


NEW! Second MIS Meeting scheduled for August 22, 2022. Details in the main article.

Military Installation Sustainability

In August 2020, the Youngstown Air Reserve Station (YARS) Military Installation Sustainability (MIS) Joint Land Use Study Implementation Project was awarded to Matrix Design Group by Trumbull County, Ohio. The JLUS Implementation Project will develop tools, processes, and partnerships to enable the stakeholders to implement several of the key strategies and recommendations identified in the completed JLUS.

Joint Land Use Study

The Youngstown ARS (YARS) Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) project is a joint effort led by Trumbull County with support of Vienna Township, Fowler Township, and Youngstown ARS. The project also includes a broad group of stakeholders and participating organizations that comprise the Policy and Technical Committees involved in the project development.

Final Youngstown ARS Joint Land Use Study

The JLUS Policy Committee accepted the Final Youngstown Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) at a meeting on September 3rd, 2019. The final JLUS Report, Background Report and Executive Summary can be viewed by clicking on the cover images below.

Click on the cover graphic to download the JLUS Report. This document provides an overview of the JLUS planning process, purpose and objectives of the study, and the recommended strategies for implementation.
(7 Mb download)

Click on the cover graphic to download the JLUS Background Report. This document provides detailed information on existing conditions and compatibility issues.
(9.2 Mb download)

The JLUS Executive Summary serves as a quick reference describing the purpose of a JLUS and providing an overview of the key JLUS recommendations.
(1.5 Mb download)

For More Information

Trumbull County Planning Commission
185 East Market Street NE, Suite A
Warren, OH 44481

To email the JLUS Project Manager Click Here

Copyright © 2021, Matrix Design Group, Inc. These studies are prepared under contract with Trumbull County, Ohio, with financial support from the Department of Defense Office of Local Defense Community Cooperation. The content reflects the views of the key MIS and JLUS partners involved in the development of these studies, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Office of Local Defense Community Cooperation.
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